Dermal Fillers Costs - Dermal Fillers

The cost of dermal filler treatment will vary according to factors such as the type of dermal filler used, the manufacturer and the depth of treatment carried out on the skin. It will also depend on the clinic where you have treatment. Perhaps the best way to determine the price is the number and type of injections needed to attain positive results.

The amount injected into the skin is also an important factor in determining cost. Normally, fillers used for treatments such as contouring, volume addition and sculpting of the face tend to be more expensive than those employed for treatments involving single lines.

The cost will also increase in cases where it is advised to use certain fillers in combination with other agents. For instance, it is recommended to use muscle relaxants when treating lines found on the upper section of the face. Cost variations are also influenced by the materials used, like in the case of filler brands which are collagen based and differ in price from clinic to clinic. This typically depends on whether the provider acquired it directly from the manufacturer. The overall price for fillers will generally range from £150 to more than £750 for each treatment.

Patients should avoid the temptation to go for cheap treatments as they may not be the best quality - this should always be considered before price. The results of a cheap treatment may not be pleasing on the eye, especially if the results do not match up to your initial expectations. Various factors should be considered when choosing a clinic or filler, but quality should be the number one aspect to bear in mind and, whenever it is not guaranteed, you should look elsewhere.

This does not mean that the most expensive treatments should always be picked. Such products may be expensive but do not always measure up to the expected quality standards. It will take time and effort to identify the best treatment that balances both quality and cost to deliver the most desirable results.

Research should be carried out and many clinics have websites with customer reviews, in which case it can be helpful to look at these. Some clinics can be expensive: for example, in the UK it is possible to find private clinics with prices in the range of £300 to over £1500.