Scar Improvement - Dermal Fillers

While scars cannot totally be eliminated once you have them on your face, they can be effectively improved to levels at which they are no longer visible. This can give you greater confidence and comfort in knowing that the presence of scarring is discreet. Scars on the face can often cause some level of discomfort and embarrassment, especially in cases where the face has a few scars. There are various ways to improve scars whether they are new or long-standing, but this will depend on what method best suits your skin and lessens the likelihood of side-effects.

A treatment that can be used is body fat and can be extracted from one area of the body, like the abdomen, and used to fill the depressed area. Other common methods apart from fillers include laser treatments, which flatten the scars down if they are elevated and bring them down to the level of normal skin. In addition the laser has a tightening feature which can be used to decrease the size of the scar.

With regards to dermal fillers, soft tissue fillers can be frequently used to improve scars that have been depressed on the face or other parts of the body. The affected area is filled and the surface contour improved considerably. The scar will appear greatly improved. It is recommended that you speak to a professional and have a consultation before choosing dermal filler treatment for this particular condition.

Among the notable causes of scars are burns that can lead to the loss of very large parts of the skin. The scars from such burns will always contract with time, and this action pulls the edges of the skin together around the affected area. This process of pulling affects adjacent muscles and tendons, restricting normal movement of these components. To treat this problem scar improvement surgery can be performed by using a graph and tissue expansion or skin flap. Before treatment ensure that you understand all related facts.