Juvéderm ® VOLUMA - Dermal Fillers

This product is manufactured by Allergen as a 3D hyaluronic acid matrix dermal filler. The main difference between this product and Juvederm® ULTRA is that it contains a much thicker hyaluronic acid gel. It is produced through enhanced modification of cross-linking by the use of molecular weight hyaluronic acid. This gives the product an enhanced viscosity, more so than ULTRA. This makes it possible for use in restoring and recontouring the face, usually in cases related to the natural ageing process, which creates a loss of volume from some parts of the skin.

It is composed of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and contains non-animal hyaluronic acid in a very high viscosity gel form. It contains no lidocaine, like in the case of ULTRA. Instead a local anaesthetic can be administered at the area of injection to provide the patient with an extra level of comfort, especially in conditions of deeper injections into the skin. Convenient and easy placement of the product can be achieved by use of the cannula technique. This product is also made by the fermentation from streptococci bacteria and there are no tests required before treatment is administered - unless the patient requests one to ensure they have maximum confidence in the procedure.

The product's effects are temporary due to the natural acidic component. Once it completely breaks down in the body there is no trace of the filler left, and one is advised to seek a repeat treatment to acquire their desired look once more. Juvederm® VOLUMA is used for restoring deep volumes, especially in the cheek bone and chin areas. Its application is done with 23 gauge ultra thin wall needles and 18 gauge 70mm cannula, which allows different injection depths and placements.

This product should not be used in patients with severe allergies, breastfeeding and pregnant women, and those with hypersensitivity towards hyaluronic acid. It must never be used immediately or directly in areas that have experienced laser treatment, dermabrasion, deep chemical peeling or superficial peeling of any chemical nature. The best place of injection is the periorbital area, including the site around the eye. This would also include crow's feet, tear troughs, glabellar lines and lips.

The duration of effects is normally around 18 months, with expected side-effects being swelling, redness, haematomas - collections of blood – and discolouration or high pigmentation around the injection site. Patients should never massage the area of injection straight after treatment. Additionally patients should take care to avoid extreme temperatures for up to two weeks. The costs per treatment range around £500 to £750.