Artesense - Dermal Fillers

This kind of dermal filler is manufactured by Artes Medical in San Diego. It was initially marketed in Europe under the trade name Artecoll®, which then changed to Artesense™ to reflect the evolution of the product. It is a type of dermal filler which is thought to be a better alternative to surgery and collagen fillers. It has a long, reputable safety record spanning over a decade with very high customer satisfaction, having been approved by the FDA since 2007.

Artesense is administered to the skin by specified injections through the use of a tunnelling technique. It improves the appearance of skin in addition to clearing wrinkles and fine lines. It consists of natural collagen and coated polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) microbeads. It is best suited for puppet lines around the nose, drooping corners of the mouth, horizontal chin folds, chin imperfections, wrinkles in thicker skin, lip augmentation and scars.

The injection is administered underneath the skin using a thin needle, which is moved gently back and forth. This encompasses the 'tunnelling' technique and creates tiny ducts which are then filled with Artesense. Once the injected collagen is absorbed it will stimulate the production of more collagen. An extremely thin layer of connective tissue is formed around the PMMA beads in the collagen but not absorbed by the body (encapsulation), causing skin augmentation which takes approximately two months. The wrinkle will be visible for a few weeks after the injection before permanently disappearing within two to three months.

Artesense treatment lasts fifteen to thirty minutes on average, depending on the number of areas to be treated. The process seldom hurts but this once again depends on the area of treatment. To minimise any painful effects, you can use additional anaesthetics besides those included with Artesense. Expected side-effects include redness and swelling, which can last for two to three days. It is advisable to move the face muscles as little as possible for at least three days after the treatment. This is because strong facial expressions can interfere with the encapsulation of injected PMMA beads.

With over a decade of usage and more than 250,000 patients treated the product has proven safe and reliable. Artesense is long-lasting with effects that remain for a number of years and not months - as is normally the case with most dermal fillers. It is worth noting that with Artesense, the PMMA beads are encapsulated for permanent results.

It is important to note that Artesense is mainly used in Canada, where it is popularly marketed as the next generation of Artecoll. The product is suitable for fine lines and wrinkles, but not for heavy volume injections.