What Are Dermal Fillers? - Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are a collagen material made of synthetic or natural substances. It is used for injection in the dermis for the purpose of augmenting soft tissues. Dermal fillers have had a significant rise in their application for aesthetic reasons, namely to help correct skin conditions which develop as a result of ageing such as creases, folds and wrinkles.

Since these components are used on human skin, which is highly sensitive and reactive to different materials, dermal fillers must always be tested for safety and effectiveness. When making a decision to use dermal fillers speak to a qualified practitioner about any safety issues you may have and possible side-effects of the treatment.

They must prove to be nonteratogenic (cannot cause malformations), noncarcinogenic (cannot cause cancer), durable and inert. The classification of dermal fillers is normally done based on their source, origin, duration of effect and content. In the category of origin dermal fillers can be grouped into synthetic or natural. Naturally existing materials can be used to produce the dermal fillers as well as synthetic substances. This classification is purely based on what component or main raw material is used to come up with that particular dermal filler.

Source classifications can be grouped under autograft, allograft or heterograft. The content classification contains groups such as fat, collagen, hyaluronic acid, silicone, and peptides. The duration of effect can be further divided into permanent and non-permanent, which means that the effects of certain types of dermal filler can last for a longer time than others.

The most common indications of skin in need of dermal filler treatment include lines and wrinkles, which are mainly due to ageing; scars and depressions, such as acne scars and those due to surgery and trauma; dermal atrophy due to causes like morphea; and lip augmentation. Some dermal fillers are more suitable for certain conditions than others, which is why there are various categories of filler on the market.

In general, dermal fillers are an effective treatment for a number of skin conditions, especially an ageing face. Some people may be comfortable with showing signs of advanced age, or perhaps they just age gracefully, but others are not as comfortable and would like to retain their youth for as long as possible. This is where dermal fillers can lend a hand.