Restylane SubQ - Dermal Fillers

Restylane SubQ is an injectable form of hyaluronic acid, naturally occurring and found in the connective tissue of the human skin. The acid, together with collagen, form the fundamental constituents of the healthy body tissues. Restylane SubQ increases chin and cheek definition by refilling the skin's supply of hyaluronic acid, eventually providing a nice shape to the face by means of lost volume restoration, consequently leading to the creation of a face lift that is mild and natural looking. Restylane SubQ is one of the best alternative implants for skin defects that are permanent on the cheeks. The beauty of this method is that it achieves these results without undergoing any form of surgery, and it is safe and reliable.

The product is long-lasting but not permanent. It will give you a face that looks firm, smooth and plumped up. The treatment involves direct injection into the skin in small quantities through the use of an ultra-fine needle, a process which is performed by a qualified, approved practitioner. Conditions able to be treated with Restylane SubQ include nose defects, nasolabial folds, and chin and cheek shaping.

The treatment from start to finish should not hurt or be uncomfortable. However, there are a small percentage of patients who are likely to experience mild pain. It is advisable to use anaesthetic creams to counteract any discomfort during the treatment session. Safety is practically guaranteed in using the product, especially when we consider the fact that it has been in the market for many years. More than 10 million treatments have been carried out successfully since the main product was officially launched in the market in 1996.

The treatment process will normally take around 45 minutes and will work instantly in most cases, with a high percentage of patients able to see the results as soon as they are free of the treatment position. The results of treatment will normally last six to twelve months, but this depends on factors such as age, type of skin and an individual's lifestyle. Possible side-effects include pain, swelling, itching and bruising. The costs of Restylane SubQ starts from £750 but this is dependent on the area to be treated, the amount needed and the practitioner.