Nasolabial Lines - Dermal Fillers

Nasolabial lines are the two skin folds that normally run from each side of the nose to the corners of the mouth. They tend to separate the cheeks from the upper lip and are commonly referred to as nasolabial folds. Nasolabial lines can appear at an early age and make even a young, beautiful person look older than they are.

At around twenty-five years of age they may appear as minor depressed lines, and sometimes they can be there but remain barely visible unless someone is close enough to spot them. As the years go by their visibility increases and make a person look older, even if they are in their late twenties or middle-aged.

Due to the unavoidable influence of gravity and age the cheeks on each side of the face become gradually heavier. They eventually become so heavy that they begin to sag over the fold to the point that it reaches the mouth. This is the stage at which the nasolabial folds become highly visible, and they can be spotted from an even more considerable distance. Smiling or grinning unfortunately makes these folds appear more visible and unsightly, which can lead to low confidence for the person.

There are a number of methods in which nasolabial lines can be treated. Other treatments that can be used include face lifts, which work by pulling the skin backwards and upwards, to restore a fresh, youthful face. The use of dermal fillers in treating nasolabial lines is achieved by using cosmetically produced facial filler injections.

The most common and popular substance to use for dermal filler treatment of nasolabial lines is hyaluronic acid as it is a substance which is naturally found in the body. This means that the acid is fully compatible with the body system, thus eradicating any potential risks of allergies.

The main function of the treatment is to make the skin absorb water for greater volume and a natural appearance. Once injected into the body the substance is processed into simple sugars, which then become easier to absorb into the body.