Can you help me with my acne scarring?

Dear sir,
I wanted to ask is it possible to get aquamid injection for mild acne starring which is not active and is there any risks?. Im 19 years old and i wanted to get it done but not sure don’t want to risk it and i find other procedures too expensive. Is it possible to get this done for acne starring and how long do you think it would last because its said to be permenant?
Please could you help me and let me know asap thanks you very much
I don’t do Aquamid as this is a permanent filler and there are many risks involved with this kind of treatments. I use only semi permanent fillers. You can use skin needling techniques such as dermaroller or dermapen to break up the scar tissue and improve the results by combining this with a hyaluronic acid filler you can improve the skin quality however hyaluronic acid fillers are not permanent. Scarring after acne is difficult to treat and any treatment will only lessen the problem, not eradicate it completely. Prices depend on the size of the area to be treated, but a full face of dermapen plus skincare products would be £600.
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