Can I use Voluma to give volume to my cheeks?

Dear Doctor, I recently had three sculptra cheeks treatments (one very three months) and three plasma treatments (one very two months) in my face (cheeks). I wanted to build up my cheeks as much as possible. is the newer filler Voluma advised to be used in conjunction with he two treatments I have already been having? Or Do they clash? Is there a more permanent solution that will last year rather than months? Also, what would be the best treatment for aged hands?,Thank you doctor for helping me with my enquiry and helping me come up with the best treatment available to me.
You can use voluma and scultpra but I would wait 1 year after the last scultpra injection first. Sculptra lasts up to 3 years and voluma lasts around 18 months. You can have actual implants placed in the cheekbones for something that lasts longer, but this is a job for a surgeon as not an injectable.
For hands radiesse is good if there is a lot of volume loss. If not, then restylane vital is good for hydration.
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