Outline - Dermal Fillers

This is an absorbable polyacrylamide hydrogel which is non-animal by nature. The process of manufacture is done in a sterile facility for surgical procedures and is found near Bordeaux, France. The laboratory that makes a major part of the facility is certified with approvals for development, manufacturing, control and distributing of the devices. It meets all the requirements of EN 46001/ISO 13485 and EN/ISO 9001 standards. It is thought to be one of the most sophisticated, absorbable dermal fillers currently in existence.

Outline was developed in France as a cosmetic medicine that works with the skin over and above basic filling. Like a magnet it has a unique feature which attracts negatively charged pro-collagen molecules into the middle of the injection. This is enhanced due to its gentle positive charge. Once the molecules are contained and protected by Outline, the attracted molecules will assemble together into collagen and eventually form part of the tissue in the area being treated.

The attraction stops once there is equalisation between the positive and negative charges, thus making the whole process predictable and controllable. The best thing about this is that it creates a perfect framework for new collagen to develop. This is achieved through the replacement of lost tissue in the skin.

Most of the polyacrylamide in this dermal filler is insoluble, meaning that it will never break down. However, the creation of Outline has been done in such a way that once it enters the body, tissue enzymes begin to break it down into fragments. Once broken down they are removed from the body through a natural process. This is a powerful technology that has been patented by the makers. Outline has the potential to treat every level of the skin and work towards achieving long-lasting, natural effects.

No pre-treatment tests are required and the product is temporary but capable of lasting for between two to five years, depending on the type and area of treatment. The product range formulations include Outline Original, Outline Ultra and Outline Fine. It is not recommended for people who consume vast amounts of alcohol or are pregnant or lactating. Individuals with a history of cold sores should have a prescription of anti-viral medicine to avoid any worsening of the cold sores. Some of the expected side-effects include slight redness and swelling. Also, 2 in every 100,000 cases report cases of granuloma as a side-effect. The costs can vary from £250 to £400.