Dimples - Dermal Fillers

A dimple is a small indentation, natural in formation, which is found on part of an individual's body. It is most often located on the cheek or chin, though it can be found just about anywhere on the body. It shows up as a slight depression on the surface of the skin. There are some people who are appreciative of dimples, while others find them to be less appealing and would rather not have them.

Dimples are frequently found on young children but they tend to eventually grow out of them - though they can also continue into adulthood. An adult or elderly person may think of dimples as a childish feature and want to get rid of them. The good news is that they can be dealt with and there are many suitable treatments to handle them.

There are cases of traumatic dimples forming on the cheeks and this can occur after an accident or injury. The majority of these cases will resolve themselves shortly after their occurrence and there is no need to worry.

The combination of muscle relaxants and dermal fillers can work to treat dimples. The treatment works on a short-time basis and results can be seen instantly. The skin will become flatter and be accompanied by an improvement of any lumpiness or creases present at the time of treatment. The discomfort caused, if any, is small and often unnoticeable.

Some people can be born with certain types of dimples, such as sacral dimples which occur at birth and are usually located at the crease between the buttocks. Such dimples are harmless and will not require an adult or child to have treatment. Before acquiring treatment it is necessary to find out which type of dimple you are dealing with.