My Botox and filler treatment has gone wrong

I had fillers and botox and after ten days a dip appeared on one side of my face it has gradually
got larger about the size and depth of the top of my thumb. Why has this happened im distressed, but the practice is not interested. The dip seems to have started as a small dent on my right cheek just under the just got bigger and bigger.Its all I can look at . Please can you help?
Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
Hello there, Sorry to hear about you experience. It is difficult to assess what exactly has happened without seeing you, but may be due to fillers augmenting the area around where the dip is that has caused this to stand out. I would suggest trying to see your Doctor, who carried out the procedure as they will know what they used, the quantity and where it was placed.
Good luck
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