Is there a way to fix my nose?

Hello, around 7 to 10 years ago I had a cyst on the right bridge of my nose. The doctor said they can cut it out, but silly me I stuck a needle in it all the way and pushed out all the puss, the cyst has never come back but it’s left me with a sowing sizes needle hole that goes into the right hand side of the bridge if my nose and its never healed. Is there any easy way I can fix it my self? And if not what ways are there to fix it? Thanks for your time and I look forward to any advice I can get from you. Kind regards.
Unfortunately there is no way to fix this cyst problem yourself because the hole that you describe is covered on the inside with  (a lining) like a small sac and the only way to remove the sac and make the skin flat is to cut past and clean out the epithelium to allow the skin to heal. This should be done professionally as it may leave you with a small scar, but minimal if treated correctly.
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