I want my nose reshaped by dermal fillers

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I intend to have a non-surgical rhinoplasty to reshape my nose using dermal fillers. Which type of fillers have the most long-lasting effect? Is Aquamid better than all others? I want to know about the most perfect way to have a minimal nose reshaping. I also wonder if you could let me know that excessive sport activity might make any deformation or cause less lasting effects.

Thanks for helping me with this and I very keenly await your reply, many thanks.

I would not recommend using Aquamid as if it doesn’t go well, you are is serious difficulty as you cant remove it. I would always use a hyalaruronic acid based filler for safety, it doesnt matter so much which one. I like to use Juvederm. Its hard to get a good result with a non surgical rhinoplasty if there is a big defect, you might be best to actually have a rhinoplasty. Fillers in the nose are just for minor tweaking. Filler doesnt move once its injected.
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