I need help for my sunken cheeks

Dear Dr Thorne

I am 38 years. I have sunken cheeks and a weak chin.

I have had non permanent and semi permanent fillers like Sculptra. The non permanent fillers worked well for a few months then went. The Sculptra was too imprecise.

I am looking for a filler that will last many years so I can move on and not have frequent injections.

Can you help? I have heard that Aquamid and Silicone can provide a lasting solution. Do you use these? What would be your recommendation.

Kind regards 

Hello there I do not use permanent fillers such as Aquamid as there are many risks of complications. If you are happy with the non-permanant fillings, but feel they last only a few months then Radiesse is a longer lasting option. It is a calcium hydroxyapetite filler which lasts around 18 months. I would not recommend using a permanent filler because your face changes with the ageing process around the filler and the results after several years can be aesthetically displeasing. Prices start from £650 for 1.5ml of Radiesse.
Good luck
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