How does Belatero compare to Sculptra? Which has the best results?

how does belatero compare to sculptra ? how long do th results last and how often should it be done ? is the cost comparable to sculptra. I have had sculptra done but would like more noticeable immediate results. i have deep wrinkles in my chin area around my mouth, will this help? sculptra helped fill out my cheeks with one appointment, but need more around my mouth. I am 58 years o0ld but the lines are caused a lot from tanning. Can I still tan without affecting the belatero ?
Belatero and Sculptra work in a different way. Belatero is hyaluronic acid which is a filler which goes under the lines in the cheeks, filling them out and principally used for the nose to mouth lines and the lines coming down from the corners of the mouth.

Sculptra on the other hand is used to rejuvenate the whole cheek area in most cases. It consists of molecule granules which stimulate your body to make tissue around them. This simulates the effect of young skin which is thicker and plumper than slightly older skin.

Sculptra is generally used for wider areas whereas Belatero is used for more localised lines in the face.
I think it would be sensible to do research on both of these procedures. Best Wishes. 

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